How do I add a special offer to my page?

Adding a special offer to your entry can help to entice guests. A special offer doesn't have to be a discount, you can offer an added benefit or value instead, like a free bottle of wine, a welcome hamper or an activity at your Special Place. It's totally up to you!

How do I add a special offer?

  1. Log into the Member Area.
  2. Click 'Add a Special offer' on your place summary.
  3. A special offer window will open.
  4. complete the form: provide a heading for your offer along with a description.
  5. Set the dates the offer will be available (no longer than a month please, or it's not very special!).
  6. Click 'save and publish' (it may take up to an hour for your Special Offer to appear on our website).
  7. Check your place page to see the special offer published.

Top tip: If you've just created a special offer, why not share a link to your Sawday's Special Place page via your Facebook or twitter pages, or mention it on your blog?

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