Sawday's Places Nearby

What are nearby Sawday's places?

This is a feature on our website that helps to create a better Sawday's experience for our guests. When a guest searches for a place to stay in the UK, our website will automatically find the nearby Sawday's places to eat and drink and link to them from the page footer. This information is also visible in the search results.

The feature works in the same way when on the Sawday's Pubs website - but provides the nearby Special Places to stay.

'Nearby' is calculates as within 5 miles, as the crow flies.

We know that guests love to know this information, and it helps to keep guests on our websites for longer - a good thing for all members!

Here are some examples:

Special Place to stay: 21 Royal York Crescent (Bristol)

Special Place to Eat & Drink: The Battleaxes (Bristol)

Sawday's Canopy & Stars place: The Treehouse at Harptree Court (2 x pubs are linked in the Food & Drink information)

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