How to reduce the size of your photos on an Apple mac computer?

Using Apple's photo library application iPhoto:

Assuming you have already imported your photographs into iPhoto, these steps explain how to reduce the size of your photo so they are an appropriate size to upload into the Member Area.

  1. Select photo in library
  2. Select "File" menu
  3. Select "Export…"
  4. Select "File Export" tab (probably already selected)
  5. Set Kind: drop down to "Jpeg"
  6. Set Quality to Maximum
  7. Set Size to Large (this will export an image with the dimensions of 1280 × 730 pixels)
  8. Click "Export"
  9. Check the file you've exported by selecting the file in the finder window, then go to the top menu, select "File" then select "Get Info" from the drop down options. This will open up a new window with the details of your exported file showing the file size and new dimensions of your photo.

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