Why are photos important?

Picture this . . . your Special Place, looking its very best

Believe us, the kind of guests attracted by the Sawday's name really want to know what a Special Place looks like, inside and out - and are far more likely to book if they can see lots of beautiful photos.

And there's another good reason to supply us with the best possible pics of your place, which is that it will greatly increase your chances of being featured in media coverage of our Special Places.

More (good) pictures = more bookings

If you want to inspire guests to book, we strongly recommend you make the most of your photo gallery and upload 20 photos -showing not just the obvious things like bedrooms and garden, but also any tucked away corners, quirky little features, or unexpected views that may catch the eye of a casual browser.

Of course, it's important that your pictures really capture what makes your place special. So, take a peek at 'How do I take good quality photographs?' for some top tips from our Photo Editor.

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