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Which channels do Sawday's synchronise with?

Sawday's offers synchronisation with the following channels:

Airbnb (iCal: 2-way)

Anytime Booking (Booking service: Real-time)

Availability Calendar (iCal: 2-way)

Away with the Kids (iCal: Read-only)

Big Cottages (iCal: Read-only)

Bookalet (iCal: 2-way)

Bookster (iCal: 2-way)

Canopy & Stars (iCal: 2-way)

Country Cottages Online (iCal: Read-only)

Devon Farms (Booking service: Real-time)

Farm Stay (Booking service: Real time)

Freetobook (iCal: Read-from only)

Gema Park Lite (iCal: Read-from only)

Google Calendar (iCal: 2-way)

Group Accommodation (iCal: Read-only)

Guestlink/NVG: (Booking service: Real time) - Guestlink fee of ¬£30 per property required

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  • English
  • Enjoy
  • Go North
  • iKnow
  • The New
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Hbook (iCal: 2-way)

Holiday Bookings Online (Booking service: Real-time) (iCal: 2-way)

HomeAway (iCal: 2-way)

Independent Cottages (iCal: 2-way)

Inn Style (iCal: Read-from only)

Last Minute Cottages (iCal: Read-only)

Lodgify (iCal: 2-way)

Midweek Breaks (iCal: Read-only)

Owners Direct (iCal: 2-way)

Priory CMS (Booking service: Real-time)

Simply Owners (iCal: 2-way)

Stay in a Pub (Booking service: Real-time)

SuperControl (Booking service: Real-time)

The Hen House (iCal: Read-only)

TripAdvisor (iCal: 2-way)

Universal iCal 2- way (Generic iCal link, 2-way)

Universal iCal Read-only (Generic iCal link, Read-only)

Vrbo (iCal: 2-way)

Wordpress Simple Booking Calendar (iCal: 2-way)

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