What information do visitors see about my place in search results?

Visitors to our site will see the following information in search results:

  • A large thumbnail photo of your Special Place
  • The name of your Special Place
  • Your address / location
  • Some brief, enticing information about your Special Place (provided by our copy writers)
  • A summary of your accommodation, including the total sleeping capacity
  • The lowest price per night or, for self-catering places, per week

Where relevant, visitors will also see:

  • A special offer ribbon on the thumbnail photo
  • A special offer description underneath your Special Place
  • Nearby Special Places to Eat & Drink

Nearby Special Places to Eat & Drink

These are places to eat and drink which have also been inspected and selected by Sawday's and are listed on our Pubs website. They are only listed alongside your place if they are nearby, which we deem to be within 5 miles.This feature works across all our websites and helps our guests to pick the right place for them - we've found that places with eat & drink links receive more bookings, as guests know more about what they can do in the area from a trusted source - us!


Special place to stay: 21 Royal York Crescent (Bristol)

Special Place to Eat & Drink: The Battleaxes (Bristol)

Sawday's Canopy & Stars place: The Treehouse at Harptree Court (2 x pubs are linked in the Food & Drink information)

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