Why have my photos been rejected?

Our Photo Editor does his best to provide constructive feedback for all rejected photos.

Here are some of the most common reasons for rejecting photos:

  • A poor quality or blurred image: Sorry but the quality of the image is too low.
  • The photo is too small: Sorry but if we enlarge your picture it could become fuzzy. Please submit the original photo files if you have them.
  • Your photo is the wrong shape: Sorry but all photos must be in landscape.
  • An obstruction in the frame: Sorry but the subject matter is obstructed.
  • The photo is not representative of your property: Sorry but we want guests to get a clear idea of what to expect and we don't feel your photo does this.
  • Inclusion of people: Please send more pictures without people. A few photos with you in are great - but the majority of your photos should focus on your Special Place.
  • Multiple Images: Sorry but we do not accept photos where multiple images are included in one frame.
  • Corrupted File: Please try to upload this image again.
  • Duplicate photo: Sorry but the photo is either a duplicate or is too similar to another of your uploaded images.
  • Inclusion of Artwork: Sorry but we can only upload photos of your property, not graphics, illustrations, logos or other artwork.
  • Angled photography: Sorry but we can't use this photo taken at an angle.
  • Text: Sorry but we can't accept photographs with text.
  • Surplus Photos: We have made our selection from the photos you have submitted and this is surplus to requirements.

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