How do I take good quality photographs?

10 Top Tips from Alec, our Photo Editor

  1. Beautiful shots impress guests - so use a proper camera, not a mobile phone!
  2. Better still, get a kind friend with an interest in photography to take the photos for you - or even a professional photographer.
  3. Choose a sunny day.
  4. Take landscape shots (where the photo is wider than it is tall).
  5. Keep the photo simple and uncluttered.
  6. Don’t include people in the shots…
  7. …but do send us a few nice shots of you, as we might be able to use them.
  8. Send us seasonal shots, so you can rearrange your photo gallery to reflect the time of year.
  9. Send us the original un-edited photo - no need to resize it.
  10. Remember the file size of individual photos should be no less than 1MB, and no greater than 10MB.

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