How big should my photos be?

Upload file size requirements:

Minimum file size: 1MB

Maximum file size: 10MB

The photos you supply us with may be used in a number of our publications as part of your Membership. This is why we ask you provide us with the highest quality photos you have - this helps us present your place at it's best whether it's on our website, on a mobile app or in a printed book. The press love to feature our places (we have a good relationship with the national papers) but will generally only include places with great photos that are big enough to print.

We know that the places with the best photos are viewed by more guests. What's more, when you provide really beautiful photography that captures the essence of a Sawday's experience, we may select it to be used in other areas of our publications, such as the introductory section of a book, or as a lead image on the Sawday's homepage.

So, please send the best images you can! Any taken with a digital camera (no mobile phone pictures, please) should be the right size.

Take a peek at 'How do I take good quality photographs?' for some top tips from our Photo Editor.

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