How do I update my entry on the Pubs App?

Our Sawday's Pubs iPhone app uses the same information that is used on the our website, so you update you information in the same way.

Update your entry for the Pubs App:

  1. Log into the Member Area.
  2. Click on the 'Your Pubs' tab.
  3. Click 'Edit details'.
  4. Make the changes you need to your entry - don't forget to hit 'Continue Editing' if you have other changes to make, or 'Publish to website' when you're finished.
  5. Always 'Publish to website' when you've finished - to make sure your changes go live.
  6. To see your changes, check your entry on our website ( or download the app to your iPhone.

When will I see the update on the app?

Changes will take 24 hours to appear on the app, or up to an hour to appear on our website.

App users will be asked to update the Pubs app whenever information has changed, so if the update request is accepted the app downloads all entries that have new or amended information. If the user doesn't update their app, old information will still show.

Updates to information and photos will happen much more quickly with a WiFi connection.

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