How do I check my entry for a Sawday's book?

You can update your Special Place information in the Sawday's Member Area. This is where you can check your information for print, too.

We'll be in touch to let you know when to check your details for your entry into the next edition of the guidebook. It's really important you check your Special Place information before the deadline, otherwise we'll use the information and photos we have.

How do I check my entry information is up to date?

  1. Log into the Member Area.
  2. Click 'Edit details'.
  3. Review all the content for your entry.
  4. Edit where necessary, and always remember to hit 'Save'.
  5. You'll be prompted to 'Edit More Details' or 'Publish to website' - please make sure you publish when all your changes have been made.
  6. Remember to click 'Publish to website' to confirm and publish all your changes - your changes could be lost if you don't do this.
  7. Your changes will show on our website within the hour.

Note: If you'd like to make changes that can't be done with the edit functions in the member area, use the 'Send corrections' button to send us a request for additional changes. We will contact you if the changes require any further discussion.

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