How do I set up availability with Sawday's?

To manage availability with Sawday's you will need to log in to the Sawday's Member Area with your current login details. If you have forgotten your password, follow this link to reset it.

Once logged in, you will see a new 'Manage Rules' button on your dashboard. Click this to get started!

Step 1: Normal rules

To begin setting up your normal rules, click ‘Set up normal rules’.First,you’llneed to decide how many months in advance guests can enquire in the Duration section. Select 12, 18 or 24 months and then click ‘Save & Continue’.  

You can now set your check in and out days. Click allthe check-in and check-out days you allow and edit the lengths of stay as needed. Once done, click ‘Save & Continue’.To continue to the next section, click ‘Finish Normal Rules’. 

You should now see your normal rules listed with the status ‘Active’.You can edit your normal rule by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the status column.  

Step 2: Seasonal rules

To get started, first click ‘Add Seasonal Rule’.In this section, you can add seasonal rules – exceptions to the normal rules for specific periods of the year (Christmas, Bank Holidays etc.). If you have multiple rooms/places, both the normal rule and any exceptions will apply to all of them. 

Enter the name of your seasonal rule and select the season period you want this to apply to by selecting the ‘From date’ and ‘To date’ you wish to apply to this season. Once you’ve added your dates click ‘Add Date’ to include this in your seasonal rule. Please note, you can add multiple date ranges to a single rule, for example if you wanted the same rule to run over every Bank Holiday weekend.  

Once you’ve added all date ranges you wish to apply to this seasonal rule, click ‘Save & Continue’. You’ll then be able to select your check in and check out days, as you did for your normal rules.  

Once you’ve selected your check in and check out days and set your minimum and maximum stay length for your seasonal rule, click ‘Save & Continue’. When you’re happy, click ‘Finish Seasonal Rules’ to be taken back to the main rules page.  

Step 3: Accommodation

Once you’ve added your availability, click the ‘Accommodation’ button in the menu to add your individual rooms or places. You can manage each room or place individually by syncing them and/or manually blocking out dates, depending on how you’re planning to work. To get started, click ‘Manage calendar’ next to your room(s)/place(s). 

Step 3a: If you’re syncing with another calendar/channel

  • In the ‘iCal Sync’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Other channels to Sawday’s’ section.
  • Choose the availability channel you work with from the dropdown ‘Channel list’ (if yours isn’t listed, just select ‘Other’). Add in your iCal feed to the box and click ‘+ Add’.  Do this for all of the channels you wish to sync with.
  • When you’ve set up your syncs, carry on using your other channel(s) to add/edit bookings and these will automatically be reflected on Sawday’s.
  • To check the bookings you have synced over, click ‘Manage Calendar Manually’ and scroll down.
  • If you want to add bookings on the Sawday’s site and have them sync over to your other channels, go to the ‘Sawday’s to other channels’ section in the ‘iCal sync’ tab, copy the iCal link and add it to the admin areas of your other channels. You’ll then add your Sawday’s bookings in the ‘Manage Calendar Manually’ tab on Sawday's.

Step 3b: If you’re going to manage manually

  • Go to the ‘Manage Calendar Manually’ tab and add all your current bookings or other reasons for closure. 
  • Label each booking or closure with a guest’s name or anything that will jog your memory next time you log in. Click the ‘From Date’ box and add the start date of the booking/closure, then click the ‘To Date’ field and add the end date (the next date available for new guests to arrive on).
  • Click ‘Apply’ and the bookings/closures will fall into the list of ‘Unavailable Dates’ below.
  • The 'Name/Reason' field isn't visible to guests, but for the sake of security, please don’t use payment details or other sensitive information in the labels.

Please note, if you’re going down the manual management route, then you’ll need to keep updating our system every time you take a booking or a room/place is unavailable for any reason. 

Step 4: Publish your calendar

Once you’ve either set up syncing or entered blocked dates for all your rooms or places, click the ‘X’ to exit the window, and click the blue ‘Publish’ button. Your availability will then be live on Sawday’s and visible to browsing guests within 15 minutes.

To check it, head to your Sawday’s page on the website, add a guest in the ‘Make an Enquiry’ section, click ‘Check-in’ and the calendar will pop up. If you have multiple rooms or places, they will also show separately in the ‘Accommodation’ section halfway down the page. 

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