How do I set up availability with Sawday's?

To manage availability with Sawday's you will need to log in to the Sawday's Member Area with your current log in details. If you have forgotten your password, follow this link to reset it.

Once logged in, you will see a new 'Manage Availability' button on your dashboard. Click this to get started!

Step 1: Standard rules

First you’ll decide how many months in advance guests can enquire and set up a standard rule that governs check-in days and minimum and maximum length of stay. You can also add exceptions to the standard rule for Christmas, Bank Holidays etc. If you have multiple rooms, both the standard rule and any exceptions will apply to all of them. 

Step 2: Manage your rooms or places

You’ll then manage each room or place individually. You can name them, sync them and/or manually block out dates, depending on how you’re planning to work.  

Step 3a: If you’re syncing

  • Each room or place will need to be synced individually with every other booking channel you use.
  • You’ll take a link or reference from the other channel and add it to our system, then in some cases take a link from ours and add it to the other channel. 
  • When you’ve set up syncing, carry on using your preferred system. This will be the one you should mark as your 'Primary' channel, which will be used as the 'source of truth' in case of any availability mismatches.
  • You can also use the manual manager on Sawday’s if you need to close a place or room for a few days and it will update any synced channels. 

Step 3b: If you’re going to manage manually

  • For each room or place, enter all your current bookings or other reasons for closure. 
  • Label each booking or closure with a guest’s name or anything that will jog your memory next time you log in, then select the unavailable dates.
  • For the sake of security, please don’t use payment details or other sensitive information in the labels.

Please note, if you’re going down the manual management route, then you’ll need to keep updating our system every time you take a booking or a room/ place is unavailable for any reason. 

Step 4: Publish and be booked

Once you’ve either set up syncing or entered blocked dates for all your rooms or places, you’ll need to hit the Publish button. Your availability will then be live on Sawday’s and visible to browsing guests within 15 minutes.   

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